Party Planning: Introduction

Most of us, without even realizing it, have been hosting gatherings since we were little. Did you ever set up a tea party for your dolls or your friends? Did you have sleepovers as a child? Did you help your parents plan your birthday parties (chose the location and theme, picked the guest list)? Have you ever organized a group of friends to go out to dinner or meet at another venue to spend time together?

While a lot of women feel overwhelmed at the idea of hosting a party, we often forget that we have more hosting experience than we give ourselves credit for.

I wrote about my hostess inspirations a few weeks ago and, through this series, I am going to teach you how you can become a hostess with the mostess (no matter your inspirations or style of entertaining). This series will be broken up into four main parts and within each there will be separate posts delving into the components of each section.  At a high level it will look something like this:

Part One: The Three Key Elements of a Party

Part Two:  Planning

Part Three: Implementation

Part Four: Execution

This is the Easy as PIE approach I have developed for entertaining.  This approach is designed to get you comfortable with entertaining, confident in your abilities, and able to enjoy your own party once it begins.

I look forward to taking you through these steps and having some fun together. If you have any questions or would like me to address something specific, please reach out to me either via my contact page or Facebook page.

Happy homemaking,

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Through Mrs. Barnstable’s School for the Domestic Arts -  its blog, guides, and other resources - I will help you create a home you love to be in, show you how to host a party with panache and ease, and guide you through how to manage it all without feeling overwhelmed.

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