Fall Decor: The Look and Feel of Autumn

fall decor pumpkins

Fall has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere! If you are feeling inspired to decorate for the season, don’t forget print out a copy of the step by step guide to seasonal decorating and read about incorporating the sounds and smells of autumn into your home for some ideas and inspiration.

Today, I want to share some thoughts about the sights and textures of fall. I am combining these two senses (sight and feel) because they are so interwoven (pun intended!). Textures offer both a visual input as well as a tactile one and both elements are essential to creating whatever look and feel (pun intended, again) you are trying to achieve in your home.

I choose to use the warm colors associated with this season to make my house feel cozy and put my family into that frame of mind. Cider will be on the stove soon, the fireplace will be turned on, and we will gather around and play board games and watch classic movies that remind us of the season.

I try to incorporate as many different textures as I can in my seasonal decorating. I also choose a palette of a few colors I want to work with (ones I like best and that coordinate with my home) and stick to those while varying their tones and hues. One way I make sure that my seasonal objects create a smooth flow throughout my home is to think about all the dimensions when placing things. I make sure to decorate both up high and down low and to place objects at different depths on horizontal surfaces. This layering creates the multi-dimensional, warm and rich feeling I strive for. I also like many different styles and don’t stick to just one. The way I keep it from being too overwhelming is to pick one style for each area.

Here are some pictures of the textures I have used so far in my fall decorating and the different looks I have created. Feel free to share yours in the comments or over on our Facebook Page!

Happy homemaking,

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