Fall Decor: The Smells of the Season

Smells of Fall Collage - pie, soup, apples, trees, fireplace

Our Sense of Scents

Creating a home that is inviting, warm, and nurturing requires addressing all five of our senses. Today we’re going to focus on our sense of smell and the role it plays in our feeling of well being.

Have you ever heard the anecdote about baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies before having an open house to increase the likelihood of selling your home? The idea is that if a potential buyer walks into your house and smells cookies baking they will associate positive feelings of home with your house.

While I am not sure that this exact scenario is scientifically supported, there is plenty of scientific evidence regarding how sensory cues affect our state of mind. Input into each of our senses can result in changing our state of mind or causing associated memories/feelings to surface. Olfactory (i.e. smell) inputs tend to cause this more often and more intensely than inputs to our other senses. For those that are curious – the reason is that olfactory input is routed through different areas of the brain (the amygdala and hippocampus) than other sensory inputs.

The takeaway with this as it relates to our homes is that we can make a large impact on our state of mind when we are at home by being mindful of the scents we bring into it. What are some of your favorite smells of the season? How can you bring them into your home?

Below are some ideas of ways to add scent to your home. Feel free to share your ideas with us in the comments below or on the Facebook Page.

Ways to Incorporate Smell Into Your Home

  • Scented Candles
  • Potpurri
  • Scented Wax
  • Living Plants, Flowers, Herbs
  • Burning Wood Selected for its Aroma in the Fireplace
  • Cooking and Baking
  • Cider or Warm Beverage of Your Choice on the Stove
  • Sachets in Your Drawers
  • Open Your Windows and Let the Outside In

Happy homemaking,

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P.S. Don’t miss the opportunity to incorporate the sounds of the season into your home as well.

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