Seasonal Decorating: A Step-by-Step Guide to Stay Organized

seasonal decor planning

I hope that you have spent some time thinking about your seasonal decorating goals and what you want to accomplish in your home.  Once you know where you want to be, it will be a lot easier to get there. If you missed that article, I would suggest reading it before you continue with this one.  Don’t worry – I’ll wait.

Seasonal Decorating: A Different Approach

As with the thoughtful approach to decorating our homes for the seasons, the organized approach will also help you achieve your desired effect while being able to enjoy the process of creating it.

If you are anything like me, you get an idea in your head and go after it with gusto, sometimes getting too caught up in the moment to make a plan of attack. While that passion is great and makes us the creative people we are, it can also lead to feelings of frustration and feeling overwhelmed with keeping up our homes.

I can’t count the number of times that I have gotten excited to decorate and pulled out items from storage only to be sitting there hours later surrounded by the mess around me and not knowing what steps to take next – wishing instead that I had left everything where it was to begin with.

After years of finding myself in this predicament, I developed a method for changing out my decorations in a way that allows me to enjoy both the creative process and the end result.

Below is my step by step guide to seasonal decorating. Take as long as you want working each step. The goal is to enjoy yourself and not feel overwhelmed.


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Happy homemaking,

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P.S.  You can download the PDF version of this guide for future reference by clicking here.

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