Seasonal Decorating: A Different Approach

The Change of Seasons

I love the change of seasons. Each one brings with it its own pace, sights, smells, and tastes – and with each comes an opportunity for personal renewal, a shift in mindset, and endless occasions to transform the ambiance of our homes.

This time of year yields so many great articles and tutorials on how to incorporate fall decor into your home with lots of great crafting projects, cleaning projects, decorating tips, recipes, and so on. I love all these things as much as the next gal and will be busting out my glue gun too, but before I start I want to talk to you about my philosophy of seasonal decorating (and all decorating for that matter).

Decorating With A Purpose

In the age of Pinterest, Instagram, blogs galore, online and print magazines, and viewing snapshots of our friends’ lives through social media posts our exposure to beautiful, ideal images of home has never been greater. And neither has the pressure. On one hand, having access to all of this inspiration and education is empowering, but there is also a downside – the pressure to be perfect and present a perfect home to others can be debilitating.

How can you avoid this pressure? It is important to have an honest conversation with yourself about why you are decorating for the season. What do you want to accomplish? Once you ask yourself why you are doing something it will be easier to stay on track and attain the goals you have set for your space, not what you think you are supposed to do.

Mrs. B’s Philosophy

Why do we want our homes to look a certain way? Because we want to feel a certain way. A beautiful home is not four walls where everything within them are spotless and perfectly placed. A home is something you feel, deep in your bones. It isn’t defined by the provenance of the furniture or the name of the china pattern, but by how you feel when you are in it – and especially – by how you feel when you leave it.

Your home should exist to serve you and your family. You can create a home that serves you by surrounding yourself with things that make you and your family feel renewed, relaxed, and at peace – and provides a space where you can spend quality time with one another, doing the things you love to do.

Seasonal/Fall Decorating Series

Now that you have taken some time to be mindful about your purpose and goals, let’s get ready to dive into decorating your home for the season! The following articles will show you how to create a home that appeals to all five of your senses. There are also guides to help you stay organized and avoid feeling overwhelmed during the process (so important!).

Seasonal Decorating: A Step-By-Step Guide to Stay Organized

Fall Decor: The Tastes of Fall (And a Soup Recipe)

Fall Decor: The Look and Feel of Autumn

Fall Decor: Do You Hear That? (The Sounds of the Season)

Fall Decor: The Smells of The Season

Seasonal Decorating: Engaging All Your Senses – Bonus Guide

Happy Homemaking,

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Through Mrs. Barnstable’s School for the Domestic Arts -  its blog, guides, and other resources - I will help you create a home you love to be in, show you how to host a party with panache and ease, and guide you through how to manage it all without feeling overwhelmed.

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