7 Day Bedroom Challenge: Day 5 – Master Bathroom

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Okay, so the master bath isn’t technically the bedroom, but it is definitely an extension of it – if not a literal one, then a figurative one. Both the bedroom and the bathroom exist to take care of our basic needs and we spend a significant amount of time in both performing routine, mundane tasks (sleeping, grooming, getting dressed, using the facilities, and so on). Both spaces are usually located in close proximity to each other and both spaces have the potential to put us in a good frame of mind as we start our day and unwind from it. Today, we are going to focus on harnessing that potential in the master bathroom.

Do you like going to the spa? I definitely do and consider it one of the ultimate luxuries in life. Before I even get on the massage table or enter the aesthetician’s room, I am already relaxed. From the moment I step into the ladies’ dressing room my tension starts to melt away. I attribute this to two things. First, the ambiance at my favorite spas is perfect for washing away all my worries. Second, just the anticipation of the pampering that I know is coming causes me to settle in – mind, body, and soul.

Lady on massage table
Just looking at this relaxes me.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could feel this way every day in our own bathroom?

I believe we can. Let’s work on achieving a spa-like ambiance right in our own homes.

Clear It and Clean It

I know – you already saw this step coming as we have done it in each space during the 7 Day Bedroom Challenge. It is a critical part of the process for re-evaluating a space and making sure it is working for us.

  • Gather up all your bathroom linens including towels, washcloths, and bath mats and put them in the washing machine. Do this with any linens you have on display as well to freshen them up.
  • Empty the garbage can in your bathroom.
  • Clear your counters of everything. As you do this think about any products you have that are housed in the open – on counter tops or shelves. Do you use all of them or do they serve a decorative purpose? For the products you use, but don’t add to the ambiance of the room, figure out a way to store them so they are still easily accessible, but out of sight.
  • Clean out each drawer and cabinet you have in your bathroom. Throw away expired products and ones you don’t use. Put everything away in the order that you use them so you can streamline your routine (i.e. make up together, hair products together, deodorant and oral hygiene products together).
  • Give your bathroom a good cleaning. Start at the top with the mirrors, working your way down to the floors.
bathroom sink
A good illustration of a clean, streamlined bathroom.

Set the (Spa) Stage

At this point your bathroom should be sparkling clean and the surfaces should be bare.  Spend some down time in this space looking at it with a critical eye. Imagine that you have been challenged (because you have) to transform your bathroom into a spa for the day. What would that look like? How can you decorate and appoint this room for maximum comfort and relaxation? What kinds of things will you display? What textures will you use? What smells will you incorporate?

While you want to display things that will have a relaxing effect on your senses you also don’t want to clutter up this space. Part of the reason a spa is so relaxing is because it doesn’t contain a lot of clutter. However, feel free to display a collection of perfume bottles or sea shells or anything else that will support the spa vibe you are going for.

In this space in particular, details will go a long way in creating the mood you are trying to achieve. Spend time arranging each item for maximum flow and visual appeal. Move things around until they work with the space – not cluttering it up but allowing the senses to unwind.

Use it Like a Spa

This step is the key to the whole operation. When you go about your daily routines in the bathroom, make an effort to pamper yourself. We all bathe, wash our faces, groom ourselves. But there are several ways to have that experience. It can be rushed and mindless or we can plug into what we are doing, luxuriate in it, and take our time to make ourselves feel special while we pamper ourselves. Here are some ways to enrich your experience while using the bathroom:

  • Put on some music.
  • Wear a favorite robe while getting ready in the morning or preparing for bedtime.
  • Light a candle.
  • Fill your bathtub with flower petals or aromatherapy oils.
  • Sit on a vanity stool while you do your hair and makeup instead of standing up.
Spa Bathroom
A great example of a master bath that looks and feels like a spa.

Whatever you do, give yourself the attention you deserve and make the best use of the time you spend in the bathroom. Think of it as a mini-retreat each time you are in there and make yourself feel special – because you are!

Happy homemaking,

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