7 Day Bedroom Challenge: Day 4 – Dresser Makeover

Dresser Makeover

Have you spent any time in your nook yet? I hope you were able to complete the steps to create your special place of repose on day 3 of the bedroom challenge and that you will find this space invaluable to rejuvenating your spirit.

Today we are focusing on a practical part of the bedroom – the dresser. While that doesn’t sound very exciting at first glance, it’s a necessary component of most bedrooms and deserves some attention. The primary purpose of a dresser is, of course, to house our  folded clothes, but it also can – and should – serve other functions as well. A properly shaped and sized dresser can add proportion and weight to a room, balancing out the other elements within it like the bed. A dresser should add visual appeal to your room and provide a horizontal space on which to display things that you love to look at.  The ideal dresser should provide both form and function to suit your taste and your needs.

Speaking of form, I would like to make a comment about style before we jump into today’s activities.  I have been posting pictures of my bedroom so that I can illustrate some of the points I have been writing about.  We each have our own decorating style (my bedroom style leans towards “granny chic” – yes, I made that up).  I am fully aware that my taste may not reflect your aesthetic and nor should it.  What you put in your space should be personal to you.  However, the decorating concepts I write about (like texture, details, and proportion) apply to all spaces regardless of your individual style and taste.  It should all be personalized it to your taste and a reflection of you. I post pictures to illustrate one way to execute the concepts we are talking about.

Clear, Clean, and Organized

Okay, ladies, let’s roll up our sleeves and get in there and do this!  Start with clearing off all the things that are on top of your dresser. While you are doing this, take the time now to put anything away that doesn’t belong up there. It will be less overwhelming to do this now before we have piles of clothes everywhere.

Next, empty out your dresser drawers. I recommend you do this in a somewhat organized fashion, lest it become too overwhelming.  You made your bed today, right? Awesome! We can use that clean, flat space to fold and organize. As you empty one drawer at a time, look at every garment and ask yourself two things:

  1. Do I want to keep this? If not put it in a bag for donation.
  2. Is it clean? If not, put it in the hamper now.

At this point you should only be working with clothes that are clean and that you want to keep.  Think about how you want to organize your drawers – what will you put where? Come up with a system that makes sense for you and works with how you get dressed. Here is what works for me: I have the three drawers on the left side of our dresser and Mr. B has the three drawers on the right side. I use my top drawer for t-shirts and sweatshirts (I only keep super casual clothes in my dresser, my “out of the house” clothes and all my undergarments are stored in my closet). My middle drawer is used for casual shorts and yoga/sweat pants. My bottom drawer is used for pajamas and nightgowns.

Fold your clothes and put them on the bed separated into piles that correspond to what drawer they will go in.

empty dresser
My cleared off and emptied dresser (pre-cleaning).

Now that you have a clear and empty dresser and organized, folded clothes on your bed it is time to clean your dresser. If you have a mirror above your dresser make it shine.  Pull your dresser out from the wall and vacuum behind it and dust the back. Dust (and polish if needed) the top of the dresser and vacuum out the drawers if they need it.

Now you get to put those folded, organized clothes back into the drawers!  Doesn’t that feel good?

Eye Candy

At this point you deserve a little break. Have a seat where you have a good view of your dresser and think about what you would like to see displayed there? What kinds of things will bring you peace and joy to see displayed up there? Do you want to look at your jewelry? A special collection of perfume bottles you have? Family pictures? A collection of figurines? A stack of fashion books? The options are endless.

Once you have decided what you want the space to look like gather the pieces you will display here and make sure they are clean. Spend some time playing around with how you will position everything. Don’t put them all on the same visual line, vary the depth they take up to make it more visually appealing. If you are adding pieces with varying height, pay attention to what you put where – try the tallest things on the outer edges and fill in the space between with pieces of varying height, weight, and texture. Above all, have fun playing around with this and remember it can all be changed around whenever the mood strikes. Don’t forget to shop around your house for things you may want to add to your display.

You may also want to think about a way to add some softness and texture to the top of your dresser. My dresser is rather large and made of dark wood.  While this suits my space and provides a good, proportional anchor point for the wall across from my bed as well, as a color contrast to my light colored bed frame and bedside table – all that wood can give off a cold vibe. To offset this, I added an Italian linen runner I found years ago to put between the dresser and the porcelain figurines I am currently displaying. I like how it softens this space up a bit.  Play around with things until it makes you smile!

My dresser after organizing the drawers and styling the top.

I would love to know what you display on your dresser! Feel free to make a comment here or post a picture over on our Facebook Page.

Happy homemaking,




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