7 Day Bedroom Challenge: Day 3 – Create a Nook

reading nook

Good morning, ladies and gents!  Have you been sleeping better since Day 1 and Day 2 of the Bedroom Challenge? I sure hope so. It feels good to do something nice for yourself, doesn’t it?

Let’s keep our momentum going. Today we’ll focus on carving out a special spot in your room just for you. Sleeping experts and studies all tell the same tale – to get the best sleep possible the bed itself should only be used for sleep and sex. But, there are many other things we do in our bedroom to unwind and enjoy ourselves, so today we are going to create a special space for those activities – the nook.

Claim Your Space

A nook is defined as a small space within another that offers security or seclusion. No matter the size of your bedroom, with a little ingenuity you will be able to carve out a spot to create your space. Look around your room and figure out where you would like your nook to be. If something is already there, think about how you can move the existing furniture around to enable you to claim a space all your own. Keep in mind that this area doesn’t have to be next to a wall, think about placing it away from the wall if that works for you – in front of a bed or dresser. You have the whole space to work with, not just the perimeter. Do you want your nook away from the window or in front of it? Near the door or far away? Is there an unused corner of your bedroom that looks cozy and inviting? Find the perfect spot for you – one that will feel like an escape from all your worries without having to book a vacation.

red reading chair
Mrs. B’s Nook

Feather Your Nest

Okay, so you have just identified the space you will use and have moved things around to make room for your nook. Now the fun part – feathering your nest! A side note before we begin. Try to work with what you already have in your home, it’s possible to complete all these steps without leaving your house. There is no need to go out and buy all new things unless you really want to and have the budget for it. Shop your own house and work with what you have. You will be amazed at what you can put together from what you already own if you walk around your home like you are shopping at a store.

Your Throne

You will need a chair as the anchor for this space. Remember to work with what you have. Do you have a favorite chair? Can you repurpose one from another spot in your house? If you don’t have anything and don’t have the time or budget to get a chair now, grab a chair from your dining room to put in this space temporarily. If that isn’t an option, grab a blanket and some pillows and set up a space to lounge on the floor.

blue reading chair
Mr. B’s Nook

Side Table

Do you have something you can use as a side table in your nook? Think along the lines of a garden stool, a small table, even a TV tray. Set this up next to your chair so you have a place to put a book, a light, a candle, a vase of flowers, or a plant – whatever you want here to help you utilize this space for something enjoyable and create a relaxing environment.


You will need good lighting if you plan on reading or journaling in this space. Shop your house for something you can use to light your way. If you won’t be reading or writing in this space and don’t need electric light, think about displaying some battery operated candles set on a timer or a traditional one.


This step is so important for relaxation and giving the space the vibe we’re looking for. Place a soft throw pillow and a throw blanket on your chair so you can get really cozy in this space. Depending on your layout you may want to put a small area rug down to further define this space.  The goal is to make it a place you want to spend time in.  It should be as inviting as your bed.

Close up of blanket and tea tray
Textures and details are important in this space.

Use Your Space

This is the most important step of all. I know how difficult it can be to carve out time for yourself to relax and recharge, but I also know how important it is and what a difference it makes to our quality of life. Commit to carving out at least 10 minutes a day – whether it is in the morning while you are drinking your coffee and thinking about your goals for the day, a mid-day break to recharge yourself, or time at the end of the day to take stock and unwind – and spend time in the space you have created for yourself.  I promise it will make a difference.

Close Up of book and glasses
Who wouldn’t want to curl up here and read a book?

Happy Nesting,


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